* Full body Classical massage.

* Fitness sports therapeutic massage

* Champi massage.

* Thai Yung Chuan reflexology foot massage.

*Burmese (Express antistress) massage.

* Medical massage (physiotherapeutic approach) with pronounced osteochondrosis of the spine with primary lesion of the cervical and thoracic areas.

* Vacuum massage (manual lymphatic drainage).

*Gouache massage. KERACAN.

* Bamboo massage.

* Basilinsky massage.

*Massage with hot stones (bags).

* An ancient Thai massage in the tradition of Nuad Bo-Rarn. Thai stretch massage. The biggest choice of Thai massage techniques of any level - from amateur to pro.

* Spanish (cleaning + mask) massage.

*Swedish massage.

*Children's massage, from 3 months.

* honey (anti-cellulite massage).

*Osteopathy manual massage (foundation).

*Marma massage with aroma-warm oils.

*Oil massage.

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